Extract user profiles from LinkedIn

Generate leads from LinkedIn faster than ever before!

LinkedIn is a giant source of information about potential customers, prospective employees and new business contacts. As a rule, marketers and sales managers use the same scenario over and over again: they search for people according to certain characteristics, copy information about them into the CRM system and send out their offers. But how long does it take to manually search for such contacts?

With the Tape “LinkedIn: User profile”, researchers can significantly accelerate these processes. Robots that search for contact information quickly and accurately collect data from user pages and save results in the table that can be downloaded as CSV-file and added to the CRM directly. In addition, robots behave naturally LinkedIn environment but not thoughtlessly scrape information. They click on the buttons, fill in the fields and read out the information as a person would do. Really fast and with high quality!

Collect all meaningful data from users profiles on LinkedIn in few minutes.

What will be extracted

  • Name
  • Headline
  • Company
  • Education
  • Connection degree
  • Location
  • Photo
  • About