Extract user profiles from search results on LinkedIn

Scrape everyone from search results on LinkedIn and export them into spreadsheet

Open up more opportunities for your sales team with “LinkedIn: Search people”. Create very accurate and up-to-date contact lists with a minimum of effort.

“LinkedIn: Search people” will be your first step in automating lead generation. Use this tape with “LinkedIn: User Profile” and get a spreadsheet with full lead information that is ready to be imported directly into your CRM system.

Start automating your lead generation workflow today!


1. Go to your LinkedIn page through your browser

2. Start the search for people using your filters, for example: position, connection degree, location, etc.

3. After configuring the filters, copy the link from the address bar and paste it into the tape.

4. Specify the cookies of your Linkedin profile.

5. Name the dataset where the tape will write the data.

6. Run the tape.

7. Wait for the process finishing and download the result to CSV spreadsheet or copy data from the dataset.

What will be extracted

  • Connection degree
  • Job
  • Location
  • Name
  • Profile