Extract a list of user followers on Instagram

Collect Instagram accounts that follow influencers, brands, or any other users

Increasing the number of followers on Instagram is a difficult challenge for any marketer. They need to find the people who are interested in their content. To do this, marketers do the hard work, going through all the influencers, brands or bloggers accounts of interest to them to collect a database of relevant users. However, this process can be greatly simplified with the pace of Followers.

If you specify to the robot a list of Instagram accounts of brands, bloggers or other profiles, it will quickly check the list of subscribers of each of them and save them in the table. This is an excellent start for further promoting your Instagram account using another tape - “Instagram: AutoFollow”.


- Insert cookies
- Specify Instagram profile links
- Name the dataset where results will be placed
- Run Tape
- Download dataset in .CSV or observe output in dashboard

What will be extracted

  • Query
  • Profile
  • Username
  • Verified
  • Name
  • Photo